Workshops & Presentations

All career development workshops are open to both ground and online students, as well as Chancellor alumni. The list of times, locations and remote access for online students is available by logging into the Chancellor University eRecruiting system and selecting the Calendar tab or by contacting Career Services.

eRecruiting Tutorial - 1st Tuesday of every month
Learn about the Chancellor University eRecruiting system and its features, including the online job board, events calendar and how to upload your resume and cover letter.

Resume Writing - 1st Thursday of every month
Workshop participants will learn how to write a professional resume and a winning cover letter.

Interviewing - 2nd Tuesday of every month
Workshop geared to help you prepare and strategize for future interviews where you will be given constructive feedback regarding your interviewing style.

Job Search Strategy - 2nd Thursday of every month
Learn how to manage what most job seekers consider the most stressful part of the job search. Marketplace research and tips for determining where the jobs can be found.

Networking - 3rd Tuesday of every month
Learn the best ways to establish contacts with people who can help you to secure a new job or change your career path.

Computer Basics - 3rd Wednesday of every month (In collaboration with Tutoring Services)
Beginner’s computer workshop that guides students through all the basic commands in Windows and Internet Explorer, as well as how students can access and use the Chancellor University e-mail system.

Blackboard Navigation - 3rd Thursday of every month (In collaboration with Tutoring Services)
Chancellor University utilizes and online learning system, Blackboard, for all course, ground and online. This workshop allows students to become familiar with all of Blackboard's features and how to navigate them successfully in order to complete course requirements.

Dress for Success - 4th Tuesday of every month
Prepare yourself to dress for job you want and beyond. This workshop will show students the proper interview attire, as well as increasing their awareness of employer dress codes.

Social Media - 4th Wednesday of every month (Online workshop - Visit eRecruiting for remote access)

Information session on how you can use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., to manage this communication channel effectively and integrate it with professionals.

Career Services
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