Social Media Certificate - Program Details

Our Social Media Certificate program is a 3 week program that is completed 100% online. The program enables anyone working in business to learn the best ways to leverage social networks for success! The class is designed for busy working adults and offers the convenience and flexibility to log on and complete course work while balancing a busy lifestyle at the same time.

  1. What is a Social Media Marketing Certificate?

    It is a deeply engaging and unique 3 week Certificate program that encompasses a cutting edge approach to learning how to effectively manage and market your business through the use of today's Social Media technology and resources.

  2. What's different about the Social Media Certificate Program?

    It is an accelerated and practical approach to effectively learning how to utilize today's social network resources while incorporating the effective management styles belonging to successful business leaders of today.

  3. How many classes are required in order to earn a Social Media Certificate?

    Just one. It is a 3 week program that provides you with all of the tools necessary to launch your business to new heights.

  4. When does the program start?

    Our next start date is April 1st. Class is filling quickly!

  5. What is the cost?

    The program cost is $695.

  6. Are there group discounted rates available for multiple employees from the same organization enrolling into the program?

    Yes, we are happy to work alongside your organization in regard to getting the ball rolling.

  7. How do I apply?

    Click here to begin your application and registration today!

Here are some of the key areas that will be covered:

  1. Students will be taught how to manage social presence on SM networks - Assess social media marketing opportunities by analyzing customers, competitors, and the strengths and weaknesses of a company.

  2. Students will develop a strong understanding of social media, including strategies and best practices - Analyze social media strategy tools used to influence consumers and improve organizational performance. In turn, students will be expected to design an effective social media strategy to increase brand awareness, brand engagement, and customer profitability.

  3. Students will learn how to conduct an audit of a company's social media campaign and develop specific recommendations to improve the overall value of their social media strategy.

  4. Students will learn how to analyze the interdependence and interactions of traditional and non-traditional marketing decisions in a social media strategy.

  5. It is a practical approach to effectively utilizing today's social network resources while incorporating the effective management styles belonging to successful business leaders from both the past and present.
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