Chancellor University offers a Masters of Management in Social Media Marketing. These programs are designed to give the working professional the opportunity for a flexible, real-world education. Classes are small, interactive and entrepreneurial in nature. The required core of courses consists of upper level courses that prepare students who are interested in professional development or career advancement in challenging and dynamic careers within the business field.

Core Masters of Management Courses

GRD 6110 Communications

This course introduces students to the critical role of effective communications in the business environment.   The course provides students with useful information about how to  understand your audience, create well defined messages, and deliver them clearly and powerfully. Students will develop written and oral presentation assignments that provide practical tools to construct persuasive communications.   The course will also examines various issues related to communication in business, with particular focus on the importance of social media technology.

GRD 6510 Marketing Foundations

This course examines the marketplace and the marketing functions necessary to manage the relationship between suppliers and customers.  Students will become familiar with such topics as the marketing mix,  marketing strategy, and various psychological and sociological approaches to the marketing discipline. Further consideration will be given to social media marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, research, information technology, and international marketing.

GRD 6530 Strategy of Social Media

This course familiarizes students with marketing frameworks, concepts, and methods their organizations can use to make effective strategic social media choices. Students will learn  how to create, capture, and sustain customer and stakeholder value through social media processes.

GRD 6330 Analytical Decision Making

This course acquaints students with useful, practical statistics that will enhance their capacity for critical thinking and assist them in making evidence-based decisions. Students will become familiar with a variety of descriptive statistics and modeling tools that will enable them to analyze business data and evaluate alternative business decisions.

GRD 6540 Social Media Analytics

This course focuses on the economy of social media technology. Students will learn a variety of techniques and strategies for monitoring user behavior on social media applications, with an emphasis on applying the analytical concepts and tools of marketing to such decisions as segmentation and targeting, branding, pricing, distribution, and promotion. Students will also learn how to monetize emerging social media platforms, and how to create e-business marketing models.

GRD 6220 Managing People

This course provides students with useful information and practical tools for recruiting, assessing, motivating and retaining talented employees. The course will expose students to a variety of best management practices when people are working independently, are co-located, or are working in virtual teams. Students will also learn how to give effective performance feedback, and to make effective use of both financial and non-financial rewards.

GRD 6340 Accounting for Decision Makers

This course familiarizes students with essential accounting principles and concepts, and teaches them how to use accounting information to make decisions. The course will cover such topics as the construction and use of financial statements; how to measure assets, liabilities, equities, and income; financial statement analysis, cost behavior and measurement; profitability analysis; relevant costs for special decisions; budgeting; and responsibility accounting. Consideration will be given to the role of information technology in developing and using accounting information.

GRD 6310 Entrepreneurship

This course familiarizes students with the basic information they need to start and grow a successful business. Students will learn how to create a viable business plan that will gain stakeholder support for a successful launch.  Other topics include: The nature of entrepreneurship, strategic positioning, how to do market research and analysis, legal requirements for developing a new business, and best practices for funding, marketing, and managing a new business.

GRD 6411 Leading Change

This course will provide students with practical, useful information about how to lead both small scale and large scale organizational change. In particular, students will learn how to create a shared need for change; how to transform their organization's mission or vision into actual behaviors; how to mobilize commitment; how to measure progress, and how to systematically analyze, and make changes if necessary, to their organizations systems and structures to better support the change. Many real world examples will be offered, and students will have a number of opportunities to practice what they are learning.

GRD 6550 Social Media Capstone

This course provides students with a hands-on experience through an experiential project by using emerging social media paradigms. The project prepares students to face a dynamic environment with empowered consumers. Students will design and launch projects by using non-linear, online, and interactive methods to support new product and/or service development and distribution.

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