MM and MBA in Public Safety Administration Course Descriptions

GRD 6120 – Leadership

This course employs a variety of experiential experiences, cases, and group presentations to give students the practical skills, tools, and information they need to be effective leaders of teams and individuals in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Students will learn from research, theory, and best practices about effective leadership styles and behaviors, problem-solving skills, inspiring individuals, developing teams, and managing cultural and social diversity in a global environment.

GRD 6340 – Accounting for Decision Makers

This course familiarizes students with essential accounting principles and concepts, and teaches them how to use accounting information to make decisions. The course will cover such topics as the construction and use of financial statements; how to measure assets, liabilities, equities, and income; financial statement analysis, cost behavior and measurement; profitability analysis; relevant costs for special decisions; budgeting; and responsibility accounting. Consideration will be given to the role of information technology in developing and using accounting information.

GRD 6210 - Strategy

This course explores various approaches to setting and implementing an organizational strategy designed to achieve long-term goals. Students will learn how to analyze the various stages in a strategic planning process, assess organizational effectiveness as well as environmental threats and opportunities, develop overall strategies, and implement both strategic and tactical objectives. The course also identifies the determinants and consequences of successful mergers and acquisitions, and of profitable strategies for organic growth.

GRD 6510 – Marketing Foundations

This course examines the marketplace and the marketing functions necessary to manage the relationship between suppliers and customers. Students will become familiar with such topics as the marketing mix, marketing strategy, and various psychological and sociological approaches to the marketing discipline. Further consideration will be given to social media marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, research, information technology, and international marketing.

GRD 6220 – Managing People

This course provides students with useful information and practical tools for recruiting, assessing, motivating and retaining talented employees. The course will expose students to a variety of best management practices when people are working independently, are co-located, or are working in virtual teams. Students will also learn how to give effective performance feedback, and to make effective use of both financial and non-financial rewards.

GRD 6330 – Analytical Decision Making

This course acquaints students with useful, practical statistics that will enhance their capacity for critical thinking and assist them in making evidence-based decisions. Students will become familiar with a variety of descriptive statistics and modeling tools that will enable them to analyze business data and evaluate alternative business decisions.

GRD 6511 – Managing Operations

This course focuses on the central role operations plays in a company's success, and the analytic tools that are required for strong managerial decision-making. The course emphasizes the strategic advantages provided by the operations function to strong organizations. Students will be exposed to such topics as operations strategies, supply chains, process design and analysis, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and other approaches to managing quality.

GRD 6420 – Financial Analysis and Economics

This course examines a number of basic financial and economic theories, techniques, and practices. Topics include: time value of money; valuation; capital asset pricing; risk and diversification; cost of capital; capital budgeting techniques; and micro- and macro-economics. Where applicable, the implications of course content for international finance and economic considerations will also be discussed.

CJM 6230 – Statistical Research and Applications in the Criminal Justice Field

This course is designed to improve the research skills of law enforcement professionals. The course will examine the nature of criminal justice research and the different approaches and concepts available to conduct this research. Specific quantitative data-gathering techniques will be studied.

CJM 6235 – Grant Writing

Developing effective grant-writing skills are essential to acquire competitive funding from government agencies and private foundations. Writing a successful grant proposal is a blend of art and science. Successful grant proposals require a combination of content knowledge, writing proficiency, strong research skills, creativity, organizational ability, patience, and luck. This course will provide students with the background necessary to develop a competitive funding proposal.

PSM 6250 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Public Safety

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore some of the most important legal issues facing public safety professionals in today’s public safety departments. Focusing primarily on managerial problems, real-world scenarios and cases will be analyzed and discussed.

PSM 6260 – Strategic Planning for the fire & Emergency Services

Development, theory and value of comprehensive strategic planning are examined. Student will assimilate a mock strategic plan for their organization that examines organizational development with consideration given to resource management.

PSM 6240 – Public Safety Administration Capstone

This course will expose students to the ideas of noted speakers and leaders in the public safety administration field as they discuss current problematic issues facing public safety managers. Students will apply what they have learned throughout their education through preparation of a research document on a selected topic.

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