Chancellor University’s master level degrees provide students with a unique opportunity to earn a master’s degree online in a variety of specializations and forms. Choose between your Master of Business Administration (MBA) or your Master of Management (MM) in the following programs offered by CU:

Major MBA MM
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Human Resources/People Management
Information Assurance
International Business
International Marketing
Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World
Operations Management  
Sales Management
Social Media Marketing
Technology Management  

MBA or MM?

Making the decision to pursue a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Management degree is a personal choice and different for each student. Choosing one or the other must be based upon several criteria, including amount of time and number of courses a student wishes to dedicate to their education, financial budgeting and long-term career focus.

Students who want to complete their degree on an accelerated path may prefer to pursue a Master of Management, allowing them to refocus on their career more quickly and minimize financial output. Students interested in expanding their understanding of operations and financial management may choose to pursue an MBA instead.

Depending on if you choose an MBA or an MM - and if you attend full-time (two classes per eight-week session) or part-time (one class per eight-week session) - obtaining your master’s degree can take from 40 to 96 weeks to complete.

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  1. Effective Leadership & Communication: Students will integrate leadership and communication styles that enable the student to demonstrate effective leadership and communication strategies.
  2. Global Critical Thinking: Students will create, evaluate, and challenge arguments that consider global implications of decision making.
  3. Strategic Quantitative & Qualitative Reasoning: Students will evaluate and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data to generate and produce strategic managerial decisions.
  4. Diversity and Teamwork: Through teamwork, students will identify and integrate existing diversity into the decision making process.
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