If you’re looking to go even higher in the ranks of Criminal Justice, then a Master's is what you’re looking for. Choose between a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Management degree to help you hone the skills and knowledge you need to advance your career, become a leader in your field, and understand the business foundations of running a department as well as deeper studies in chief criminal justice topics.

Graduate Program Learning Objectives

  1. Effective Leadership & Communication: Students will integrate leadership and communication styles that enable the student to demonstrate effective leadership and communication strategies.
  2. Global Critical Thinking:Students will create, evaluate, and challenge arguments that consider global implications of decision making.
  3. Strategic Quantitative & Qualitative Reasoning:Students will evaluate and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data to generate and produce strategic managerial decisions.
  4. Through teamwork, students will identify and integrate exisitng diversity into the decision making process.
Course Number Course Title
(All courses 3 credit hours)
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Masters of Management
GRD 6120 Leadership
GRD 6340 Accounting for Decision Makers
GRD 6210 Strategy
GRD 6510 Marketing
GRD 6220 People Management
GRD 6330 Analytical Decision Making  
GRD 6420 Financial Management  
GRD 6511 Operations  
CJM 6210 Constitutional Issues in Criminal Justice  
CJM 6220 Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice  
CJM 6230 OR
CJM 6235
Statistical Research and Application in 
Criminal Justice or Grant Writing  
CJM 6240 Criminal Justice Capstone  

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