Marketing Course Descriptions

Business Core

AC 201 – Accounting Principles I

This survey course in financial accounting emphasizes the use of financial accounting information in decision making by individuals in business, government, and other organizations.  The accounting environment is examined along with the basic principles and concepts, which govern the recording and reporting of accounting data. Study of the language of debits and credits, accrual accounting, and the accounting cycle establishes the framework for comprehending how accounting data is transformed into the financial statements and utilized by decision makers.  Accounting of current and long-term assets and liabilities is introduced along with the study of contributed capital, retained earnings and the non-operating components of income.  The course concludes with comprehensive financial statement analysis for decision-making purposes.  Throughout the course, where applicable, students will be exposed to global accounting standards (i.e., International Financial Reporting Standards).

EC 201 – Macroeconomics

An introduction to the scope and method of economics with emphasis on the structure and operation of the United States economy: scarcity and resource allocation, the price system, national income and related problems, the role of government in the economic sphere, and theories of economic growth.

LA 200 - Contracts, Agency, Partnerships, Corporations

A study of the legal aspects involved in the making of contracts and the enforcement thereof, both under the general law and under the Uniform Commercial Code.  Also covers the legal aspects of the relationships of principal and agent and of the responsibilities resulting therefrom; and of the legal aspects involved in the formation, operation, and dissolution of partnerships and of corporations.

MG 200 - Administrative Management

This introductory course provides a global view of management.  Comprehensive understanding is gained through a concentrated focus on the management functions and activities. Also covered are the implications, applications, and integration of management concepts with the objectives and policies of a business in a dynamic environment from a global perspective through analyzing and creating innovative solutions for business cases, situations, and problems.  Significant computer interaction and use of the Internet is incorporated throughout the course's learning and application activities.

MS 182 – Introduction to Information Systems

Major microcomputer software applications emphasizing spreadsheets, database management and presentation software are studied.  Students learn the methodology of the development and design of templates for a business environment.  Techniques for using software are learned and applied to the solution of business information problems.  Students also access the Internet for supplemental data to assist in creating contemporary and resourceful projects.  This course uses Office 2007/2010. 

Marketing Core

MK 220 - Principles of Internet Marketing  

Survey course designed to expose marketing students to marketing concepts and practices, while underscoring successful electronic marketing strategies to effectively exploit global marketing opportunities. The course instructs students on how the marketing mix can be enhanced through the development and implementation of E-commerce applications. Several functions of Internet marketing, including communications, distribution, product development, and market research will be addressed. Specific topics include customer retention, vital marketing, permission marketing, privacy issues, and business-to-business and business-to- consumer distribution channels.

MK 320 - International Marketing  

This course is an introduction to the study of global marketing theory and practice, including a study of international economic principles and policies, the practical operation of international business enterprise, foreign market research, international trade principles and practices, and overseas operations. Marketing topics may stem from Africa, Australia, Asia, China, Europe, North America, and South America to address international aspects of the marketing mix.

MK 330 - Consumer Behavior

Integrates marketing with the behavioral sciences to analyze the behavioral and motivational patterns of consumers within a domestic and global marketing context.

MK 341 - Professional Selling Strategies

In this course, students are taught to effectively manage an international sales territory, understand buying motives in a global business-to-business environment, structure prospecting and technological presentation methods to facilitate mutually beneficial exchanges between parties from different international regions. Students analyze industries and sales representatives from various global environments to gain insight on the differences among cultures and negotiation tactics that impact relationship marketing and business agreements.

MK 345 - Sales Management

Strategies, techniques, organization, and administration of the sales department are studied. The theory and practice of sales organization and the role of the sales department in the business enterprise is analyzed in detail; emphasis is placed on job analysis and on the recruitment, selection, training, compensation, evaluation and control of salesmen. Students engage in an application of decision-making to assess their managerial choices.

MK 405 - Marketing Research I

Fundamentals of marketing research are discussed to aid managerial problem-solving for various industries across U.S. and global environments. Data collection and data analysis are discussed to differentiate U.S. and international populations. Also included are the application of market research techniques and the interpretation of the results of such research.

MK 406 – Marketing Research II

This intensive course introduces the characteristics and various forms of qualitative fieldwork. The appropriate selection of moderators is discussed to facilitate discussions among focus group members who speak English and non-English languages. Students will gain hands-on experience in various qualitative methods and analysis techniques while carrying out a global and industry research project related to their area of interest.

MK 470 - Strategic Marketing Decisions

This is the capstone course for students who are majoring in marketing. It teaches students to analyze marketing strategies across emerging global markets, divergent enterprises and industries, and emphasizes marketing decision-making. Students form interactive marketing teams to analyze current marketing currents and to evaluate case studies, where they examine cultural, political, legal, and economical differences among various international populations to create effective global strategies.

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