Strive. Differentiate. Belong. The Center for Law & Justice provides a multi-disciplined, integrated, relevant, practical learning opportunity for students pursuing degrees in legal studies as well as a resource for intellectual dissertation, fact finding, and networking. Our students are assured that they will learn not only the basics of a standard education in legal studies, but specialized curriculums that make them stand out in their professional careers.

Why Chancellor’s Paralegal program?

  • Chancellor University’s paralegal degree programs offer Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, and post-degree certificates both on ground on our Cleveland Campus and online. Courses are developed to provide for the study and exchange of ideas and for the acquisition of practical career skills so that our students can graduate and enjoy a fulfilling career in the legal field.
  • Our program is based on the portfolio platform. Students develop a professional portfolio, which includes resumes, work products, and additional experiences to showcase the skills they have acquired in our program. Our legal specialty courses are built with the student portfolio in mind. Students work a case in a specific area of law from beginning to end, as they would in the field. This provides practical experience and a work product to show potential employers. The students begin their portfolio on a webpage that they set up and add to during their CU tenure.
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