Contact technical support to assist you with login ID and password help or reset. Or, check our list of Frequently Asked Questions for general assistance.

When contacting Technical Support, students will need to provide proof of identity. Technical Support also assists with questions regarding Blackboard, CUE, email accounts, and Angel.

Support Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-9:00 pm EST
Saturday: 8:00am-9:00pm EST
Sunday: Noon-9:00pm EST


Phone: (216) 361-2767 - (877) 576-9691

Our support portal at the is the preferred support channel. Included is the ability to submit issues and track them.

Email Account Login Help

You will see a TWO-LINE dialog box -- USERNAME and PASSWORD. It is necessary to append "" to your username.

Example: John Doe's username field should read

If you are using WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS 98 (any version) or WINDOWS 95:
You will see a THREE-LINE dialog box -- USERNAME, PASSWORD and DOMAIN. It is NOT necessary to append "" to your username, however you will have to specify the DOMAIN as ACADEMIC.

Example: John Doe's username field should read jdoe and his domain is ACADEMIC

Storage Limit Warnings

As a result of the increasing burden that inflated and unattended mailboxes are placing on our mail servers, Chancellor University has imposed new storage limits on all student accounts. If you receive a warning that your mailbox is over the size limit, please begin to perform regular maintenance on your account. This includes deleting all of your unnecessary/unwanted deleted items, sent items and current inbox items. Please pay special attention to emails with attachments. One attachment may contain a great deal of information and might push your account over its set limit. Please save all attachments to external personal storage media and delete the email.

Storage limits are as follows:
175 MB -- You will receive regular warnings from the system administrator.
200 MB -- You will be prohibited from SENDING email from your student account.

If, after performing a sweeping cleanup on your account, you are still getting messages, please contact Technical Support at 216.361.2767, submit a ticket at, or email for further assistance.

A Chancellor University email account is a privilege granted to members of the Chancellor U community by the University itself. Members of the Chancellor U community are expected to adhere to acceptable usage policies relating to accounts and systems. Any abuse or misuse of an individual email account, the public address book, public folders, or any other aspect of the Myers email system is strictly forbidden and will result in the forfeiture of the offending individual account.

Chancellor University reserves the right to define (and re-define) acceptable usage policies as needed and without notice.

About The Technical Support (TS) Department

The Technical Support (TS) department is responsible for ensuring that Chancellor University's information technology resources are aligned with the strategic priorities of the institution. We ensure that the TS Department is dependable, easy to use, cost efficient, and operates effectively.

The goals of Technical Support are to support Chancellor University's core missions of education, research, service and accessibility. We recognize that these can only be achieved by working in partnership with students, faculty and staff to reach their goals.

Technical Support is responsible for developing effective IT policies, procedures, and standards, soliciting customer input regarding their substance and rationale. Technical Support strongly advocates the use of and adherence to standards as a key step in providing a scalable, common and affordable computing environment at Chancellor University.

TS Department strives to be the IS services partner of choice, delivering customer focused quality services and support products that add value to the overall Chancellor University community.

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