Study Abroad FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions Surrounding Study Abroad:

Why Study Abroad?

  • To enhance your education.
    Study abroad adds a new perspective to your studies. You will see things from another point of view, which will help you to develop your analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • To build your resume.
    In an age of global economies and information super-highways, experience abroad distinguishes your background from the rest.

  • To develop your self-awareness.
    We sometimes impose limitations on ourselves that limit our progress toward our goals. By leaving the familiar behind to encounter different people and places we gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

  • To understand another culture.
    Living and learning in another culture in the midst of the unfamiliar adds to our understanding of the variety of cultures in our world and gives us a maturity and perspective which can be gained in no other way.

How Do I Apply?

Are Scholarships Available for Study Abroad Programs?

Yes. Some are specific to certain majors, or countries, or study abroad programs; others are open to a wide range of study abroad participants. You should also check with your department head and organizations in your community. See scholarships section under the Programs Tab for more information.

Will my classes transfer?

  • If you are a current CU student, you will be enrolled in CU courses while studying abroad. All academic work completed during the year is considered CU resident credit.
  • If you are a transient student you should check with your academic advisor from your home institution regarding the courses you plan on taking at CU to ensure they are transferable.

Am I eligible to apply to study abroad?

Students are considered eligible to apply for a study abroad program if they meet all of the following conditions:

  • GPA level required by the program
  • Completion of program's course prerequisites, if applicable
  • Favorable letters of recommendation
  • In good academic standing, both at the time of application and at the start of the program
  • Not the subject of disciplinary action including probation at the time of application or at the start of the program

Where will I live?

We have provided living quarters for your entire stay while abroad. Please visit the itinerary.

How long can I study Abroad?

A student can decide to study a half semester (8 weeks) or a full semester (16 weeks). See program section for more details.

Do I have to speak a foreign language to Study Abroad?

No. All of our programs allow you to take courses in English, either in English-speaking countries or in specially-designed programs in other countries.

What is GICS?

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