All students are required to complete their Exit Loan Counseling at in preparation of graduation, or complete withdrawal/drop from your courses. This is important information about your student loans, repayment, and consolidation information.

Finding the Exit Counseling Page:

Step 1 Visit the website:

Step 2 On the left hand side, the student will see beneath the "Manage My Account" Tab, the button to Sign In. Please click on that button.

Step 3 Enter the information required. The student will need to know his/her Federal PIN Number. If the student does not remember the PIN number, click here to look it up.

Step 4 Once the student is logged in, he/she will see in the middle of the screen various forms to complete. Please click on "Exit Counseling" under "Tools and Resources".

The Exit Counseling Process:

The Exit Loan Counseling process will take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

Step 1 Login and Navigate to the Exit Counseling page as described above.

Step 2 Click on "Start"

Step 3 Click on "Next" until you see the Log In page.

Step 4 Enter your Social Security Number, First 2 letters of your Last Name, Date of Birth, and your FAFSA PIN #

Step 5 Complete your Exit Counseling

Step 6 Print out the Confirmation screen at the end of your loan counseling to confirm that it was successfully completed.

(Please Note: *Chancellor University will receive a confirmation notice within 1-2 business days after your counseling has been submitted.)

Please contact the Chancellor University Financial Aid Department if you have any questions regarding your loan counseling.
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