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Public Safety Administration

Welcome to The Center for Law and Justice at Chancellor University. Founded in 2012, the Center seeks to provide a multi-disciplined, integrated, relevant, practical learning opportunity for students pursuing degrees in legal studies, criminal justice, and public administration. The Center not only is an academic center housing Criminal Justice and Legal Studies but also a resource for intellectual dissertation, fact finding, and networking.

The mission of the Center is to provide practical applicable skills which will provide our graduates the most opportunities. What that means is our students are assured that they will learn not only the basics of a standard education in criminal justice or legal studies, but specialized curriculums that make them stand out in their professional careers.

We are proud to provide our students with the chance to learn from, network with, and study with experts in the fields of law, criminal justice and government.

To learn more and watch a video about our programs, please visit our Legal Studies or Criminal Justice pages.

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