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Please Note: Book Vouchers for Summer 2013 will be active as of April 22, 2013 and will expire at 3:00 pm on July 15, 2013.

Book vouchers are made available to students through their financial aid packages. The vouchers are for recipients who have aid in excess of their tuition and fees. In order to be eligible for a book voucher, you must be a fully accepted, degree seeking student.

You can determine how much your books cost by going to MBS Direct's website www.mbsdirect.net or by calling MBS Direct at 800-325-3252. Once you request a book voucher, your eligibility will be determined by Chancellor University's Financial Aid Office. An email will be sent to your Chancellor University email address once the book voucher is authorized and available. If you have any further questions, please email financialaid@Chancelloru.edu

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New standard book vouchers are certified in the amount of $500 per semester. Military book vouchers are certified in the amount of $100 per class, with an annual maximum of $800. The actual amount spent will be added to your Chancellor University balance at the end of the semester.

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