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A Message to the Chancellor University Community

Thursday, December 27, 2012
To the Chancellor University Community,

Chancellor University, online college, online universityEvery month, the staff and faculty of Chancellor University get together to conduct what we call a University-Wide meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to bring everyone together as a team dedicated to education, keep everyone aware of the progress that Chancellor has made, and tackle challenges and opportunities.

This month, we had one of our best University-Wide meetings to date as we took several hours to put ourselves in our students’ shoes and walk through the entire student life cycle - from the first time they hear about Chancellor to their first week of class. As Dr. Steve Kerr shared, the best part of a workout session is that everyone comes to the meeting focused on generating positive ideas and solutions.

There were a large number of good ideas that emerged including recommendations on process changes, program modifications and policies we should adopt.

As a result, after the New Year every member of the staff and full-time faculty (myself and Dr. Kerr included) will join small teams to work on a specific area for improvement. Working together to evaluate the challenge and make a recommendation, the teams will present their findings and course for action at the February University-Wide meeting.

It goes without saying that there is not an organization in the world that cannot improve upon something. What Chancellor was doing ten months ago or even ten weeks ago to serve students can be improved upon. The fun and rewarding part is coming up with the solution, implementing it and then seeing the results.

Our University-Wide meetings demonstrate what a highly talented and passionate team we have. A team with integrity, energy and a commitment to serving our students… nothing in life is as rewarding as helping something one else achieve their dreams. For all of us, we have the privilege of helping people change their lives forever by earning a college degree.

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday… here is to peace and prosperity in 2013!

Kind regards,

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