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Monday, April 08, 2013
online college, careers, online university, admissions, Chancellor UniversityKevan Ford’s work has always revolved around making a lasting impression. On a daily basis, he ensures students at Chancellor are getting what they need to better themselves and their lives.

“I take pride in the fact that we help students get a better job or a promotion,” he said. “That’s the biggest reward for me, knowing that we’ve assisted students in earning their degrees and achieving their long-term goals.”

As the Senior Director of Admissions, Development and Academic Advising at Chancellor University, Kevan plays a vital role in the student achievement process. He oversees the entire admissions and academic advising staff.

“Our staff has a special compassion for students. They want to see them do well,” he said. “We come together for one common goal and that’s to make students successful. We play different parts in that, but on graduation day, when a student walks across that stage and fulfills their dreams, we share that pride.”

Kevan knows firsthand how life-changing a degree can be. He describes earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) as a milestone career accomplishment.

“I think it’s one of the most rewarding things to get an advanced degree,” Kevan said. “It helped my career grow from a sales associate’s role to an executive role.”

He added, “My experience with my own MBA program put me in a unique position. I was in sales and loved it. But none of the MBA programs I researched had sales focuses. When I came to CU, I wanted to introduce that, because sales is my passion.”

And Kevan did. Chancellor’s newest MBA focus – Sales Management – is his own brain child.

“The thing about sales is you control your own destiny. You determine your success by your efforts,” said Kevan. “As a sales person you already know that every company needs a sales department. And knowing that the pressure is on your shoulders to help that company grow – I love that pressure.”

Kevan’s work ethic is one of the hallmarks of his career and he attributes his drive and motivation, as well as his desire to help others, to his mother.

“My mother had a huge influence on me. She taught me about hard work and doing things that are worthwhile,” he said. “She taught school for 34 years. The impact she had on her students left a lasting impression on me. That was the kind of stamp I wanted to leave on someone else’s life.”

During one of Chancellor University’s annual commencement ceremonies, Kevan got a chance to experience that impact first-hand.

“I watched a student that we’d worked with walk across the stage to accept her diploma and as she got up, her little girl yelled out from the crowd ‘We love you mommy! Congratulations!’” he recalled. “It’s those types of moments that you know what you’re doing is worthwhile and makes a difference in people’s lives.”

Kevan added, “When you have a chance to do something special, or to do something to affect others positively you should go for it. Set goals, achieve them and live life to the fullest because you only get one shot.”
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