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Monday, July 08, 2013

I finished my program this year/I am in classes this term, is my degree accredited?
Yes. Chancellor University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through October 2013. All degrees awarded prior to that time will fall under the accreditation as granted by HLC.

I am an alumni of Dyke/Myers/CU, is my degree still accredited?
Yes. All degrees granted to Chancellor/Dyke/Myers students will remain accredited.

I just started my program/am not done with my program, will my credits transfer to another institution?  Do I have to start all over at another school?
Chancellor University has partnered with Alliant International University to provide you with viable education alternatives. We will work diligently with you to ensure your academic needs are met without disruption. All credit transfers have been arranged to allow each student to continue toward their degree unimpeded by repeat courses.

How do I order my transcript? Is there a fee?
Chancellor University transcript requests can be processed online using the following link:

A $10.00 processing fee will be charged for each transcript.

After the school closes, where do I request my transcript?  What is the fee?
Chancellor University is working with the OBCCS to ensure that all student information remains housed in a safe environment that is accessible at will. To access the OBCCS Transcript Request form, please visit:

Please be advised that there is a $15 charge for each transcript or diploma recreation.

Can I finish my degree program before the school closes?
If you are already on track to complete all classes prior to August 25, 2013 you will receive your Chancellor University diploma. If you are within a certain margin of credit hours remaining, please contact your advisor to see what options may be afforded to you. All other students will be required to transfer to a partner school to finish their programs of study. Chancellor University advisors and directors are working diligently with Alliant International University and several other partner institutions to ensure that students’ academic needs are met and that all students incur minimal academic disruption.  Part of that process includes guaranteeing that credits transfer from your program at CU to a new program to ensure each student continues toward their degree unimpeded by repeat or additional courses.

Will my financial aid transfer to another school?  How can I transfer my financial aid to another school?
We will work with you and your new school’s financial aid office to ensure a smooth transition of funding. To make this process easier, you will need to update your FAFSA to include the new school’s official federal school code. To do this, you must visit and update this information directly in your online file.

What is a “teach out”?  Will I be following my program requirements from CU?  Who will my degree be conferred from after the teach out?
A teach out is a federally and state mandated process the university will follow to properly transition students into comparable programs at partner institutions, to ensure their education continues uninterrupted upon closing of Chancellor University. Once you have transitioned into an appropriate program at a partner university or college, you will need to follow the program requirements outlined by your new advisor. We will work with the school to ensure that you experience minimal disruption to your graduation timelines and that all credit transfers apply smoothly. Upon completion of your program requirements at the new institution where you were placed, you will be considered a graduate of that institution.

Who can I transfer my credits to?  Do I need to apply to the partner schools?  Am I subject to their admissions criteria/will I be automatically accepted into the other school?  Will all of my courses be applied/transferred?
Chancellor University is working with Alliant International University and several partner institutions to ensure you are transitioned into an appropriate program that meets your needs. While the admissions process may vary slightly from each school, we can ensure that should you decide to stick with Alliant or another partner institution, you will be automatically accepted into their programs. More information about admissions will be provided as we determine which school is most suited to your needs.

What if I owe a balance to CU?  Will my records/degree still be held?
You will still owe a balance to Chancellor University, however, you will be able to access all records through OBCCS or the school you are transferring to depending upon the circumstance.

What if I fail a course or receive an Incomplete during this Summer term?
Students must complete all course work as there will be no faculty to submit your incomplete information to after August 25. You will not receive credit for any failed courses.

How long will my CU email and Blackboard accounts be active?  Can I still retrieve emails and documents?
Your email account will remain active through Summer II Session. It will likely be available through a period of time after the school has closed. We will notify you one month prior to your email account closure. Blackboard will remain online through the end of August. We suggest that any documentation of work you need for future reference be pulled prior to the end of August.
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