A Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice allows you access to a range of jobs with the initiative for growth and advancement. Police officers, security personnel, loss prevention experts, probation and parole officers and investigators are just some of the specializations you can pursue with your degree, as well as social service. With Chancellor University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll explore a broad range of topics that cover criminology, juvenile justice, ethics, constitutional law and more.

Course Number Course Title  (All courses 3 credit hours)
General Education
CU 101 Chancellor Student Success
  Oral, Written, Visual Communications Requirement
  Math/Data Analysis Requirement
  Arts/Humanities Requirements (2 courses)
  Social/Behavioral Sciences Requirement (2 courses)
  Natural/Physical Science Requirement (2 courses)
  4 Additional General Education Electives (Economics, Social Sciences, GIS)
Business Core
AC 201 Principles of Accounting I
EC 201 Macroeconomics
LA 200 Contracts, Agency, Partnerships and
MG 200 Administrative Management
MS 182 Introduction to Information Systems
Criminal Justice
CJ 200 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 351 Corrections
CJ 352 Criminology
CJ 353 Juvenile Delinquency
CJ 354 Criminal Psychology
CJ 355 Law Enforcement Administration
CJ 356 Survey of Forensic Science
CJ 358 Criminal Justice Ethics
CJ 366 Courts and the Law
CJ 370 Constitutional Law
CJ 400 Special Topics
PA 373 Criminal Law and Procedure
  6 Additional Criminal Justice Electives

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