Associate of Applied Science in Public Administration

The Associate of Applied Science in Public Administration is designed for students who are working in public administration or non-profit agencies and wish to build their knowledge and credentials further by immersing themselves in a broad-based background in social sciences, economics, and law.

Below is a list of required courses for the Public Administration associate degree:

Course # Course Title (All courses 3 credit hours)

General Education

CU 101 Chancellor Student Success
  Oral, Written, Visual Communication
  Math/Data Analysis
  Social/Behavioral Sciences
  Natural/Physical Sciences
  5 Additional General Education Electives
(Economics, Social Sciences, or GIS categories.)
Business Core
MS 182 Introduction to Information Systems
Public Administration Core
EC 317 Public Finance
LA 210 Law for Public Administration
MG 200 Administrative Management
PL 230 American Constitutional Government
PL 232 Structure of Local and State Government
PL 332 Public Administration
PL 350 Business and Government
PL 440 Seminar in Public Administration
MG 265
MG 370
Talent Management
Organizational Behavior

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