MBA in Technology Management

A Master of Business Administration in Technology Management from Chancellor University offers students a unique education that is one of the best of its kind available in the country. Our program is designed to incorporate real world experience and practice in leadership, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and more to reinforce classroom lessons and theory, giving students an edge that other MBA and MM programs simply do not provide all from a convenient, online classroom.

Chancellor U’s MBA in Technology Management works through the same core classes of the general MBA program while also requiring a rigorous set of courses specifically designed to hone skills required for upper level technology managers.

Below is a list of core courses designed to provide students with the knowledge and experience they will require for Technology Management MBA recipients:

Course # Course Title
(All Courses 3 Credit Hours)
GRD 6120 Leadership N/A
GRD 6210 Strategy N/A
GRD 6220 People Management N/A
GRD 6310 Entrepreneurship N/A
GRD 6330 Analytical Decision Making N/A
GRD 6340 Accounting for Decision Makers N/A
GRD 6420 Financial Management N/A
GRD 6510 Marketing N/A
GRD 6511 Operations N/A
GRD 6710 Principles of System Analysis and Design N/A
GRD 6711 Enterprise Project Management N/A
GRD 6713 Technology Management Capstone N/A

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